8 Best Pee Pads for Guinea Pigs (Reviewed and Ranked)

best guinea pig pee pads

Guinea pigs are voracious little creatures; they eat and drink a lot. They have tiny insides, so, there is very little room for food and water to stay in there for a long time. Thus, they also pee and poop a lot to make room for more water and food intake.

A healthy guinea pig pees every 15 minutes. This urine needs to be cleaned immediately.

Guinea pig pee has a distinct smell; it is not foul. However, when left for too long, it starts to smell really bad as it starts producing ammonia. Sick guinea pigs, especially ones with UTIs tend to have smelly urine.  For this reason, the guinea pig cage should be set up in such a way that it is not only comfy for the guinea pig but also easier to clean. This is where guinea pig pee pads come in.

Pee pads soak up all the guinea pig pee and help keep the guinea pigs and their cage clean and tidy. Most pee pads are made up of high-quality fleece fabric and filled with spongy wadding. So as your piglet wees on the pad, it is immediately absorbed by the spongy wadding in the pad, leaving it clean and dry for guinea pigs to lounge on.

Many guinea pigs develop a habit of weeing on pee pads, making less mess in the whole cage. Many pee pads also feature urine odor neutralizers that will neutralize the guinea pig pee smell, if there is any.

The only concern that most guinea pig owners have is guinea pigs eating pee pads. to address this concern we have created a helpful guide: Guinea Pig Eating Pee Pad: What Can You Do?

Best Pee Pads for Guinea Pigs

Cleaning a guinea pig cage over and over again as soon as it pees could be an impossible task, given that guinea pigs pee every 15 minutes. But by using a guinea pig pee pad, you can stop worrying about having to wipe the cage every other hour.

To help you find a suitable pee pad for your guinea pig cage, we have checked guinea pig liners and pee pads and winnowed down the list to the top 8 best pee pads for guinea pigs.

Disposable Pee Pads for Guinea Pigs

If you do not want to go through the hassle of washing the guinea pig pee pad to use it again, here is a list of disposable peed pads for your guinea pigs.

Amazon Basics Pee Pads

These pee pads are actually designed for puppies. But puppy pads are also safe for guinea pigs to use. They are super absorbent and help keep guinea pigs and their cages clean, dry, and smell-free. The only concern is guinea pigs eating pee pads. These pee pads contain plastic lining and borders to keep pee from leaking but eating plastic is not safe for guinea pigs.

That said, many guinea pigs are successfully using these puppy pads for their guinea pigs by putting fleece on top of it. Guinea pigs are smart and to get to pee pad plastic, they would find a way to burrow under the fleece, therefore, you are advised to either fix it with a bulky item or simply clip it to the side of the correx.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Super absorbent, absorbent core turn quickly turns liquid pee into gel
· Disposable, no need to wash Leak-proof—5 layers construction with an absorbent core
· No Overflow—1.5-inch plastic border to prevent pee overflow
· Not specifically made for guinea pigs
· Risk of guinea pig nibbling on plastic border

Paw Inspired Disposable Guinea Pig Pee Pad

The best among disposable guinea pig pee pads, Paw Inspired pee pads help keep your guinea pig cage clean and dry all the time. These pee pads are 100% baking-soda-free. Paw Inspired guinea pig pee pads feature natural carbon bamboo technology to neutralize the guinea pig pee smell. As far as dealing with the liquid is concerned, it wicks away the guinea pig pee as soon as it touches it. Its drys peed technology instantly converts urine into gel. This keeps guinea pigs dry and clean all the time.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· 100% baking soda free
· Features natural bamboo charcoal urine odor control
· Super absorbent—wicks away the liquid in no time
· Feature dry speed technology, which converts pee into gel
· No need to wash. You can simply throw it away and take another one from the pack 
· Guinea pigs eating plastic is the biggest concern
· No bigger packs are available
· Need to be changed every other day. Otherwise, the dampness would keep guinea pigs cold all the time
· The sticky tape does not hold the pad to the floor 

kathson Guinea Pig Pee Pads Disposable

Kathson disposable guinea pig pee pads are super absorbent—they suck the guinea pig pee as soon as it falls on the pad surface. It turns guinea pig urine into a get, making sure that the pad stays clean and dry. The activated carbon in the pads would neutralize the guinea pig pee smell. They are so soft that you can fold them in whatever way you want and if needed cut them.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Super absorbent—sucks up liquid as it drops
· Activated carbon to neutralize the guinea pig pee smell
· Converts urine into a gel and keeps the pad feeling dry Great for the price
· Durable leak-proof layer to prevent leakage
· Soft and breathable 
· Don’t stick to the bottom of the cage
· Guinea pigs tend to eat the pee pad
· Needs to be changed every other day 

Pulse Brand Super Absorbent Disposable Guinea Pig Pee Pads

Pulse Brands’ guinea pig pee pads work great in keeping the guinea pig cage dry and clean. They absorb the pee and keep the guinea pig cage floor pristine with two leak-proof layers underneath. It has a sponge-like core that is great at absorbing liquid on contact and converting it into a gel. Guinea pigs may like to chew on these pads so, it would be best if you throw in a towel or some other bedding on top of it. 

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· 5 layers leak-proof design
· The top layer is anti-steaming offering quick drying and helps keep the cage clean and dry
· The sponge-like core is super absorbent and immediately converts liquid into gel
· Two leak-proof layers at the bottom to keep your cage floors pristine
· Can be trimmed to properly fit in the cages
· Highly absorbent, and affordable
Cutting would reduce their leak-proofing ability
· Guinea pigs chew on them so you have to use a layer of bedding on top of them
· Thinner than you should expect but work just fine 

Washable Pee Pads for Guinea Pigs

Given that disposable pee pads are not good for the climate and it is costly to keep on buying a pack every other week, you may want to switch to washable/reusable guinea pig pee pads. They get the job done and are easy on the environment as well as your pocket. However, you will have to wash and dry them. We suggest, at least buying a pair. So, when you are washing one pad, you can put the other one in the guinea pig habitat. Below, we have discussed some of the most durable and absorbent washable guinea pig pee pads.

Guinea Dad Guinea Pig Fleece Liner

Developed by guinea pig lovers and owners, the Guinea Dad fleece liner is undoubtedly one of the best pee pads you will find on the market. It is developed while considering all the concerns of guinea pig owners and the comfort of the guinea pigs. to take care of the guinea pig pee, it features a bamboo blend instead of simple cotton, which makes them super absorbent.

Knowing that guinea pigs have a thing for burrowing, this pee pad comes with an attached pocket, wherein guinea pigs could burrow as much as they want. Not only good for the piglets and owners but also good for the environment. Its packaging could not only be used as a hide for guinea pigs but it is also edible for guinea pigs. 

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Bamboo blend instead of simple cotton
· Bonus edible hidey for guinea pigs
· Burrow pocket for guinea pigs to burrow all they want
· Developed by guinea pig lovers and keepers—GuineaDad
· Waterproof backing to prevent leakage
· Could be washed and used again 
· Getting the smell of the pee out could need multiple washes and pee smell neutralizers
· Drying on high heat may melt the layers of the bamboo blend, robbing the absorbing quality of the pee pad
· Hot or warm water shrunk the padBit pricey 

Paw-Inspired Guinea Pig Fleece Liner

Cleaning a guinea pig cage, especially scrubbing the corners of the cage is a headache for guinea pig owners. Well for your headache, we prescribe paw Inspired guinea pig fleece liner with raised sides. With these liners, you can forget dirty cage corners and simply lift the fleece and shake it to get rid of all the mess your guinea pigs have made. After that, you can throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry. The liner will be free of the pee smell and fresh as a new one.

The best thing about Paw-inspired liners is that they are highly absorbent and immediately wick away the moisture as your piglets pee, ensuring they stay clean and dry all the time.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Highly absorbent
· Raised sides keep guinea pigs from burrowing under and also keep the whole cage floor, including corners, clean
· Soft, velvety material is loved by guinea pigs
· Easy to clean, shake to get rid of trash and spot clean or throw it in the washer 
· With time they shrink and shrink
· Too pricey for a pee pad
· It might get dirty to the point where you don’t want to put it in your washer 

Green Lifestyle Washable Pee Pads

Green Lifestyle pee pads are very versatile. They are used for not only humans with incontinence issues and humans who have overnight accidents, but also for dogs and cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs. They are highly absorbent with a soft quilted cover that makes them feel soft on guinea pig feet. They have a dependable waterproof backing that would keep the moisture from seeping out and keep your mattress or guinea pig cage, wherever you are using it, dry and clean. They are durable and can be used for a long time. You just have to throw them in a washing machine whenever they get a bit dirty.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Highly absorbent and waterproof
· Soft quilt cover that makes them soft for guinea pig feet and durable for long use
· Their big size makes them great for pop-up guinea pig playpens
· No shrinking at all after wash 
· After 5 to 6 washes, they may lose their waterproofing and odor-neutralizing ability
· After a couple of washes, they start to fray
· Don’t absorb the pee immediately 

Simple Solution Washable Pee Pads

Simple solutions offer a simple solution to the headache of all guinea pig owners. Its reusable pee pads are a super absorbable solution for the guinea pig pee and an alternative to the highly costly disposable pee pads. Its top sheet wicks away all the moisture of the guinea pig pee and contains not only the pee but also the smell. While they are made for dogs, they also work wonders for guinea pigs. There are 2 pee pads in the pack, so, when the pad in the cage feels a bit dirty or soaked up, you can remove it from the cage and throw it in a washing machine. During this time, you can throw other pee pads in the cage. If your guinea pigs seem to chew on the pads, you can put a fleece on top of it.

Should You Get It?
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Comfortable fabric topper and leak-proof layer at the bottom
· Moisture-wicking top sheet wicks away the pee and contains the odor as well
· Holds up way more quantity of pee than most other padsReusable—can be machine washed
· No shrinking or rolling after several washes 
· If you have a burrower and a chewer, you will have to put a fleece on top and make sure cavies don’t chew the pad
· The use of softeners while washing may reduce the absorbency of pads
· After about six months or so, they might stop controlling the pee smell 

Factors to Consider While Buying Guinea Pig Pee Pads

Pee pads are a must-have for an easy-to-clean and dry setup for guinea pigs. But it is hard to pick between pads and chose the one that suits that best suits your needs and that of your guinea pigs. Below, we discuss some of the factors that you must consider before buying pee pads for your guinea pigs.

1. Washable Or Disposable?

First thing first, you have to decide either you want a couple of washable/reusable pee pads that you can wash and use over and over again, or you want disposable ones that you will have to throw away and replace every other day.

Washable Pee Pads

Washable Pee Pads
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· You can wash them and reuse them
· Save a lot of money in the long run
· Eco-friendly 
· Needs to be washed.
· You will have to throw a pee-soaked pad into your washer. Sound yuck!
· Washing costs time 

Disposable Pee Pads

Disposable Pee Pads
What We Like?What We Don’t Like?
· Easy to maintain
· Just throw it away when feels dirty or soaked up
· Packs come with a higher count that lasts for a while
· Having to buy a pack every other week of the month could be costly
· Not environment friendly, you will be throwing a lot of plastic into the world

2. How Well Does It Absorb Pee?

The main reason for using pee pads is to keep the guinea pig cage and guinea pigs dry. This will be only possible when the pee pad that you are using is absorbing the pee right away. Besides that, you will also have to look for how much pee it can hold without leaking or overflowing. This would also tell you how often you need to replace or wash the pee pad.

3. How Well Does It Control the Pee Smell?

Guinea pig pee starts to smell when left for a long time. So, one reason for using pee pads is that you don’t want your room to smell of pee. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to make sure that the pee pad is great and locks the urine odor.

4. Does It Have a Dependable Leak-Proof Design?

There will be no point in using the pee pad if it is not leakproof and getting the guinea pig floor all dirty. So, before adding pee pads to your cart, you should check if they feature dependable leak-proof technology. If you have a hardwood floor, you need to double-check this feature.

5. How Fast Does It Dry Up the Surface?

Wetness and dirtiness are not good for the guinea pigs. where wetness could make your guinea pigs cold and increase the risk of pneumonia and respiratory infection; a dirty floor could increase the risk of bumblefoot in guinea pigs.

6. Does the Pee Pad Fit in the Cage?

Pee pads come in varying shapes and sizes. You don’t want to use a pee pad that is too small for the cage. It would not only fail to keep the whole cage floor clean but if your guinea pig is a burrower, he may get under it and start chewing on the plastic layer underneath. You want to get a peed pad that fits perfectly in the guinea pig cage. A bit large pad may also work but you will have to fold the extra under the pads and secure it.

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