Guinea Pig Noise: Are Guinea Pigs Noisy?

are guinea pigs noisy

Are guinea pigs noisy?

Though guinea pigs are not overly noisy pets, they can be big chatterboxes especially when it’s mealtime.

Being social beings, guinea pigs love to interact with their owners and cage mates. They usually communicate by making different kinds of sounds. These guinea pig soundssqueaking, chirping, and purring—could make guinea pigs noisier for their small size. 

The easy-to-care-for, friendly, social nature, and intelligence of guinea pigs is what makes them great pet for children as well as adults. But if you are a pacifist and love it when it’s quiet around, you should reconsider getting a pet guinea pig; all that guinea pig wheeking and squeaking can wear you out.  

Therefore, it is crucial that before bringing home a pet guinea pig, you first familiarize yourself with these tiny creatures. You should only bring home a guinea pig if you are sure that you can take care of them and won’t mind them making various sounds in the background.

Are Guinea Pigs Noisy at Night?

Guinea pigs are not really noisy pets. But they are not silent either. Whenever you enter the room, where you are housing your guinea pigs, your guinea pigs may let out a wheek saying “hello.” Similarly, whenever you get close to the refrigerator or anything that is even remotely related to food, your piggies may wheek and chutt loudly out of excitement. The rest of the time, guinea pigs are usually quiet or make really soft sounds to communicate with their cage mates. 

So, guinea pigs do not cause any bothersome commotions, unless it is their mealtime and you seem to have forgotten. In that case, your piggies will most certainly remind you that you are forgetting something.

Except for greeting wheeks, and chutts for food, guinea pigs are actually quiet animals. It is one of the reasons underlying their soaring popularity as household pets. 

When And Why Are Guinea Pigs So Loud?

If your sweet ball of fur has been loud lately, it means he is trying to communicate something, either to you, his cage mate(s), or someone else around their cage. Usually, guinea pigs get really excited and make wheeking sounds to greet their loving owners whenever they see them entering the room in which piggies are housed.

It is no hidden fact that guinea pigs love to eat. Even if they get the tiniest hint that food is coming their way, they will start chutting and wheeking out of excitement. If it is their favorite fruit or veggie, you might get to see your guinea pig popcorning out of excitement.

Guinea pigs may also get really loud chirping sounds when they feel threatened or scared. If a guinea pig is unable to find his cage mates, he may start panicking and making loud noises until he is united with his cage mates.

Can Guinea Pigs be Kept in Bedroom?

Yes, you can keep a guinea pig cage in the bedroom. But you will have to ensure that temperature and airflow if suitable for your piggies. Before putting guinea pigs in your bedroom, you should keep in mind that guinea pigs are not really nocturnal but still they are active during the night as well as the day. Instead of having one long night’s sleep, guinea pigs take short naps intermittently during the day as well as at night.

If you are easily awakened by even the tiniest of noises, you should reconsider moving the guinea pig cage into your bedroom. You should also avoid putting a guinea pig cage in Children’s bedroom. Children might hold guinea pigs improperly or overhandle them, which could trigger guinea pigs bite the handler.

 If you are only coming to your bedroom to sleep, you should not put the guinea pig cage in there.

The best place for the guinea pig cage would be near the kitchen or dining room, or in the living room, where you and your family members spend most of your time. In such a place, you and the whole family would be able to visit guinea pigs more often.

Wherever you choose to put your guinea pig cage, you should make sure that it is a draft-free and bright spot (no direct sunlight), and have a stable temperature (between 65° F and 75° F), and has low humidity (high humidity and fluctuations are bad).

What Is My Guinea Pig Saying?

Guinea pig sounds are not mere noise. Guinea pig sounds have meanings.

Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds ranging from wheeking and purring when they are happy to chirping when they are scared. By making these sounds, our piglets are trying to communicate with us. Every time you enter the room or your guinea pigs start wheeking loudly to tell you that they are really excited to see you—perhaps, they are expecting you to bring food or would let them out of the cage and explore the floor. And if you happen to have their favorite treat in your hand, you might get to witness your guinea pig popcorning out of joy and excitement.

Similarly, if your guinea pig is in pain or getting bullied by a cage mate, he may let out loud squeaks to get your attention. Squeaking guinea pig is calling you to come for his help: do something to alleviate his pain or stop other guinea pigs from bullying him.  

By learning guinea pig sounds and their meaning, you can strengthen your bond with your guinea pig. So, head to our guide to Guinea Pig Noises: Guinea Pig Sounds And What They Mean? (With Sounds)and learn what is your guinea pig trying to tell you.

Final Verdict: Are Guinea Pigs Noisy?

No, guinea pigs are not really noisy. But they can be a big chatterbox at times, especially when it’s meal time. They love food and exploring. So, every time, they sense food or hear their favorite treat bag, or expect you to let them out, they start wheeking loudly out of excitement. Similarly, annoyed and unhappy guinea pigs could also be a bit noisy, with all the whining, screaming, and teeth chattering.

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